Spring Tulip Garden in a Crate (your own mini cut flower garden!) – Double Delight Collection


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The Double Delight Tulip Collection includes: 12 Fox Trot Double (early), 24 Negrita Double (mid), 12 Gudoshnik Double (late)

Do you love fresh flowers in your home but can’t bare to cut them from your landscape? Do you have the best intentions to plant spring blooming bulbs EVERY DANG YEAR, but the busy fall season passes you by (I’m talking to YOU soccer mom!) and come spring you look out to bare dirt, weeds and no blooms, feeling like next year will be the year?

With our pre-planted tulip crates you’ll be sure to have blooms that you won’t feel bad cutting from your garden. These plastic crates are what many flower farmers (myself included) plant their tulips in every fall. Think of it as your own mini cutting garden!

The benefit to planting in crates:

No back-breaking digging

Maximize space (the tulips are planted much closer than you would plant in a landscape)

Protection from critters like voles digging up and eating your precious bulbs (you may want to add additional protection over the top if you have squirrels, dogs, or deer)

Tulips pull out easily (bulb and all!) for maximum stem length

Repurposing materials- Crates can be used over and over again. Soil can be reused or incorporated into your garden beds

Crates take up very little space and can be hidden away in a cool garage, shed, or the smallest of side yards (check regularly to make sure they don’t dry out) until spring comes at which time you will want to move them outside. Instructions will be included, but don’t worry you CAN do this!

A great solution for renters, apartment dwellers, or anyone wanting an easy and portable way to grow flowers! Moving soon? No problem, you can easily take your flowers with you!

Each create will contain 48 bulbs planted in our lightweight soilless mix; 12 of an early blooming variety; 24 of and mid-spring blooming variety; and 12 of a late spring blooming variety so you have blooms all spring!

Now for the disclaimer and the part you probably don’t want to hear… tulip flowers that are cut from the bulb typically won’t bloom the following year, so the bulbs are intended for a one-time bloom. But hey, that’s more blooms than if you didn’t plant them at all, right?

It’s also important to note that tulips (and daffodils) are toxic to dogs, cats and horses so keep those critters away from them!

Local pick up at the farm only.



1 in stock

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The Double Delight Tulip Collection includes: 12 Fox Trot Double (early), 24 Negrita Double (mid), 12 Gudoshnik Double (late)